Sunday, 31 May 2009

Sleepover at Nanni & Grandads

Thought you just might like to see a photo of me & my brothers in bed this morning.

They slept upstairs but I was allowed to sleep in the big bed with Nanni & Grandad 'cos I've been a bit poorly after my injections.

( Don't think they got a lot of sleep!)

Friday, 29 May 2009

My Pressie from Scotland

A couple of days before the Christening these people with funny accents arrived at Nanni & Grandad's. Apparently they had come a very long way on a plane from the frozen North.

With them was this fantastic pink bunny rabbit. It didn't have a funny accent but it did have the best pair of crogs I have seen. Yes, I already have a shoe fettish - you should see my pink wellies.

Here you can see the crogs which fitted me perfectly.


My Special Day - The Christening

This is Hazel one of my Godmothers who came all the way from Scotland. She has sent Nanni copies of her Christening photos which are on the internet (whatever that is!) and here is the link which, fingers crossed, will work -

Wow, well it's working for me - that is just SO cool.
Thanks Hazel.

Tuesday, 26 May 2009

A Big Thankyou

For all my lovely presents. Mummy will help me with thank you letters a.s.a.p.


Phe Phe.

The Cake

Wow! This was terrific. Auntie Em's friend made it and as you will see decorated it with little daisies to match those on my dress.

Not only did it look lovely it tasted great too and people were after seconds ( and thirds greedy things) it was very difficult for Mummy to save some to take home from the party. Even Nanni Jean liked it so it had to be good.

Monday, 25 May 2009


It was a lovely day, sunny & warm and I was very very good until Reverend Macey woke me up for a photo shoot at the end of the service.

Thats why I have my dummy in this photo!

Lots of people came and Uncle Barry made a video of the whole thing. Just as well because Nanni's photos were rubbish.

Auntie Hazel took loads and I will put a link in another post so that you can see them all.
Here is one with Grandad at the party.

I just wanted to show you the invitation Nanni did. The yellow daisies matched my dress - sweet eh?

Monday, 18 May 2009


Getting quite excited as we are off in a mo and I'm looking very pretty in my poppy dress and Mummy has managed to stick a slide in my hair. ( Not for long I can tell you).

There is some conflict though, I have these pink shiny wellies with silver reflectors which are ab fab but Mum says they don't go with my party dress. Who cares, I ask myself, they look good and are very practical as Uncle Rich & Aunty Em are remodelling their garden and it is VERY muddy.

Thought you might like to see Nanni's card for Henry - should bring a few smiles.

Saturday, 16 May 2009

Now, here is a happier picture of me in my dnim skirt and not a pair of reins to be seen anywhere.

It's Nanni's fault about the reins, she and Grandad took me in Victoria Park a week or so ago and I must admit, there was so much to see and do that off I went. Loved the swings and the big slide and the climbing frames. I forgot they are old and can't keep up with us young things - sad really isn't it?

O well, if they make me wear them I will just flop so they will have to carry me. There's always a way to get your own way - LOL.

Actually I'm still getting over the embarassment. Did you notice how Henry looked at me? There he is all togged up in his wedding suit and I'm wearing a restraint. I couldn't help it I just burst into tears.

Not A Happy Bunny

I'm sorry to have to post this picture of child abuse on my very own website but I'm sure you will agree that it is appalling!

Can you believe that in this day and age you can actually buy this instrument of torture especially for a little child?

Yes, I like to run; Yes I like to run where I want to go and I'm quite capable of leaping over walls and avoiding traffic but no one believes me so I'm put in this contraption.

If you are easily upset then don't look

Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Here is Nanni's favourite photo of the moment. I think I look quite cute but hats are so annoying!

My favourite toy was a buggy which Toby pushed me round the house in - great fun. Here I am trying to push it.

Then there's Wills ( Wilbur to give him his full name)He is older than me and his Mummy & Daddy both work at the hospital with my Mummy.

Here is a photo of Henry - handsome isn't he and he does a brilliant impression of a commando. You should see him move across the floor on his elbows - awesome!

It's My Party

But I wasn't very well. To tell the truth I felt awful but the show had to go on.

I got lots of lovely pressies and lots of visitors but I really didn't feel too good as you will see from the photos.

Henry & Wills came to play and we shared my toys and everyone sang Happy Birthday. I could not blow out the candle so Olli & Toby helped.

PS - hope you like the dress - Mummy chose it & I loved it. Red suits me don't you think?