Thursday, 29 October 2009

Better Photos

Nanni has now uploaded some better pictures of me with bunches. She says it’s difficult to get a decent photo of me as I’m always moving. Well, there is so much to do and so much see I can’t wait around for the wrinklies.

I will start with me & Mr Piggy enjoying a quiet bottle. Hair is not in bunches but Nanni put some slides in which does keep the hair out of my eyes even if Mummy doesn’t like the look.


Here I am with Toby showing him my new boots – fab aren’t they?


Nanni says “ I could eat her”109

Piggy is really comfy but he is getting very old – look at his head.110

Perhaps it’s cos I keep kissing him & sitting on his head.129

This is the tiger they brought me back from holiday and it’s nice but I love old piggy who once belonged to my Aunty Georgina. She gave it to Olli, who gave it to Toby who gave it to me! Recycled!



Sunday, 25 October 2009

I’ve Got bunches

Mummy has been saying for ages that my hair is getting long and she decided to see if it would go up in bunches. Now, I’m not kidding when I say it hurt – she tugged and pulled and put these round stretchy things in my hair but

it Was worth it – LOOK


Umm, not the best photo Nanni – it’s blurred but you can get the idea. Here is another when I was busy with my new cooker.



This is a better one of the cooker – pretty isn’t it but Nanni caught me doing  my silly walk.


Do you like these garden ornaments Nanni bought recently? I love them especially Freddy the frog.


Here I am giving him a BIG kiss – Aaah. They are  now in Nanni’s porch by the front door.


Finally here is a photo with my hair down – it flicks up quite naturally you know.Shame about the chocolate everywhere.