Wednesday, 17 February 2010

My 2nd Birthday

It started with Nanni & Granda bringing my presents -

001These look interesting and they are B I G! 003 O good,  lots of knobs and buttons to press and I bet it makes a really irritating noise.


Now for the pretty pink one.


Wow, it’s a buggy. Will need to get Toby to put this together – TOBY!


After a quick change & Mummy doing my hair I am getting really excited as you can see! 012   Just got time for a quick tidy up before everyone arrives – this is my new buggy – quite heavy actually. 015 These little girls came with their Mummies who work with my Mum.016 


Henry decided to cook us something.Looks cool in pink.


Auntie Julia made me some pictures for my new house


  Emma & Richard gave me this fab keyboard. Perhaps I will be able to play just like my Mum. Watch this space.


This doesn’t look much like party food but it tasted great.However, we did get in a mess so …………

 P1030004   We  ended up on the naughty step  Aaaaah!

Well, that brought the party to an end – Henry and I don’t know what we did but we love each other so sitting on the naughty step together is fine.

Night night –

Phe Phe

Sunday, 14 February 2010


Well, actually it is tomorrow but I am having my party today - Valentines Day! Perhaps Henry will come bearing gifts??

Nanni & Grandad came over earlier to give me my presents as they don't seem too keen on being here when everyone arrives. Can't think why.

So, Nanni has left her camera with Mummy to record the event and I will just show you now the card Nanni made -

Party photos to follow later if someone remembers to take them