Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Phoebe day – 29 June 2010

After several days of sunshine and very hot temperatures it rained last night and I felt much less grumpy.

Mummy went off early on a course this morning so Granda picked me and Toby up early.

I arrived dressed and ready to go


We had a wander around the garden


I dropped some sweets on the grass


We watered the crazy paving (!)


Like my dinosaur Crogs


I helped Nanni hang out the washing035


Dropped the pegs


Then I practised my pole dancing!

047 046


Phew, that was really hard work. Need my dummy, muzzy and a sleepy-byes now.

Catch you later

Phe Phe

Saturday, 26 June 2010

Summer Days

Since returning from Spain we have had some lovely weather and have been able to go out and about more.

Phe just loves Occombe Farm so we had another visit although for some reason she was not keen on walking.

013 She started off Ok but as we got nearer the farm we could hear a grass strimmer. She hates any noise like that, as did Toby, and that certainly curtailed our visit.

020 A handsome cockerel came to say hello,

015 Three white ducks were resting in the grass

022 and the pigs were fast asleep.Nanni sounds like a piggy when she’s asleep said Phe but I don’t like that noise. As she proved when she woke me up a few weeks ago.

026 Enough  of the animals lets go to Vicky park.

028 A helping hand on the slide

032 A spin on the twister

034 Very high on the swing


030 Chilling out with a mate.

041 Back home for lunch in the pool


Chocolate chops.



Washing the pots


A quick snooze on Nanni’s swing before going home time.

Monday, 7 June 2010


On Saturday, Nanni & Granda took me and Toby to Victoria park in the morning and guess what? Nanni left the camera in the car – DUH!

After lunch, it was so hot that I got my new paddling pool out on the deck and Granda made sure that I was under the umbrella.

It was good fun especially when I laid on the edge and all the water gushed out!

do you like my swimsuit?

it’s got little white dots all over it

I was hoping to swim again today but ………… it’s raining!

Phe Phe