Sunday, 12 December 2010

First Acting Job

Testing out my new camera I present




The Brief was to try and make some fruit interesting! Success!

phoebe 002

I love my fruit – here I am eating some apple which Nanni peeled for me I don’t like peel.

phoebe 003

Don’t tell Nanni but I found this knife. I know I must not touch but …………….

phoebe 004

As you can see I looked all innocent when Nanni turned around.

phoebe 011

I love Satsumas too!

That’s all for today as I have a nasty cold and I keep sneezing.


Phe Phe.

Thursday, 9 December 2010


As you know Tuesday is the day I go to Nanni & Granda’s.

The weather has been really bad, so cold that we have not gone out .


I love my books and we spend a lot of time reading but then I just need to ……………………………….


Get my toys out!!!


After I go home with Mummy the tidy fairy comes and puts everything away. I wish I could see the tidy fairy but I never do.

O, I nearly forgot, we did go to see Father Christmas last week. Funny looking man with a long white beard, He asked me what I wanted for Christmas and I said – “Two blue lollies”. He laughed and laughed, don’t know why.

Saturday, 27 November 2010

What’s Occurring?

Not a lot to be truthful. I still go To Nanni’s and Granda’s on a Tuesday but it’s been wet and cold recently so we’ve not gone far.

Nanni still takes loads of photos though so here are just a few.

I am sitting on MY stool. Yes mine! Toby insists it is his well it might have been – once but he’s too big now so it’s mine.


Me sitting in the kitchen chatting to Lynne


She cut up some fruit and gave it to me in my bowl.


Yummy yummy in my tummy!


Another day I cuddled up in Granda’s chair to watch TV. Nanni started chatting so I did my “ I von’t to be alone” impression.


Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Thursday, 16 September 2010


Our girl’s in training -


Saturday, 11 September 2010

Bath Time


Went  to Nanni & Granda’s last Tuesday as usual and I had a bath in the sink! It was good fun and it made it easier for Nanni as she did not have to kneel over the bath.


In case you are wondering – they do have a bath but this is much better. I  can see out of the window and everything.


Not brilliant pictures as against the light but who cares?

Before I go I must tell you about poor Toby. He had to have a tooth out but he was very. very brave and he did get the day off school.


Monday, 30 August 2010


Surprisingly sunny today although not that warm, we went to the beach hut with Nanni & Granda. The boys went off with their Dad for the day. I do miss them you know.


We got to the hut and Mummy changed me into my cossie and we went on the beach and Nanni and I made sand pies. Not very successfully I might add. She needs more practice.

I did not feel too good as this cold has got worse and I admit to feeling a bit cross so Nanni put me in my pushchair and took me for a walk. She stopped several times nattering to various friends so I gave in and went to sleep. I had nearly  2 hours and felt better for it.


beach 004

There were lots of people down the beach making the most of the weather.



Including Aunty Win who is 87 and looks younger than my Nanni ( but don’t tell her!).


My friend Henry and his Mum turned up and we all went back down to the beach.

beach 006

I had my lunch

beach 007

Henry had his and we shared an ice lolly.

Actually Henry ate most of it – he bit big lumps off! He loved it.

beach 010

Then we all went home.

Another nice day on the beach.

Phe Phe.

Sunday, 29 August 2010


It really was a night to remember! And it started so well.
Phoebe and Toby were staying the night so that Emma & Paul could have a night out

She arrived in her new dress from M&S and she looked fab.


I managed to get her undressed and into her jarmies without any argument, popped her in our bed where she is used to having her daytime nap, and gave her a bot bot, dummy, muzzy and her little pink dog.
“Want telly on Nanni” she demanded so I dutifully put on a recording of Night garden and knew she would be fast asleep in minutes. She was.
I crept in beside her and watched TV for a while until I felt my eyes closing, (having had a busy day for me) and I turned over, sunk my head into my cold soft feather pillow and drifted off. Heaven.
But not for long.
“NANNI, STOP THAT NOISE” was shouted in my ear. “O.K. I murmured and drifted off again.
Then I was wacked across my ear - “NANNI STOP SNORING!” she shouted.
Followed a bit later by – “ I DON’T LIKE THAT NOISE!”
By now I was wide awake and got up and made a cup of tea. Just gone midnight, I returned to bed and soon was back in dreamland.
Not for long. Yes, you guessed it, my bed fellow was again admonishing me for my snoring ( although I think of it more as heavy breathing) so I thought I would get up and sit in a chair. Not such a dreadful alternative as we have recliner chairs and they are very comfortable. However, could I sleep? Nope.
‘ Shall I swap places with Mike upstairs’ I thought.
‘Shall I carry Phe upstairs and put her in Toby’s bedroom?’
‘Shall I make her a bed up on the sofa as she was currently taking up our super king sized bed all on her own’
No, I did none of those things. I dozed on and off and eventually went back to bed about 4.20. Again she woke up every time I dozed off and she also started coughing! Wonderful, on top of no sleep I’m now going to get her cold which will probably turn into bronchitis and I will be ill again.
(Paranoid?  me? )
Finally light started showing through the curtains, I heard Mike getting up so I put him in charge and I disappeared upstairs and did not wake up until 9.45. When I came down she was asleep on the sofa, Toby was playing with his Jeep he bought yesterday and Emma was ready to take them home.
O. I forgot the other trauma ………….. I decided to give her some Calpol before I went upstairs as she seemed a bit hot.
“I’m fine Nanni, I don’t want Calpol “ says this 2 year old going on 15. “Me not hot, “ cough cough. When I appeared with the syringe she really kicked off and after displaying a great deal of patience, for me, I enlisted Mike’s help to hold her whilst I administered said medicine. Quickly giving her her dummy and tucking her back in bed she was asleep in seconds and …………………….
S N O R I N G!
These were the days ……………

Monday, 23 August 2010

Dinner on The Deck

Recently we had a nice sunny day so Nanni asked us all over for dinner on the deck.

I brought Baby, ( she doesn't eat much)


I love to cuddle her


And dance with her


I also like riding my scooter but it is a bit big!


Daddy enjoyed his dinner so much that he had a little nap.


Phe Phe.

Sunday, 15 August 2010

We’ve had visitors

Last weekend my godmother Hazel came down from Glasgow with all her family.


This is her sister Jane


Nanni didn’t photograph the others unfortunately

We all met up at The Drum at Cockington and had a meal sitting outside.

Mummy insisted on doing my hair at the table ( bad manners )


But that was because she had to wake me up to be there on  time and I wasn’t happy!


Toby came too


But I can’t remember where Olli was – staying with a mate I guess.

They brought me my first ballet dressP1040038


All in all a lovely weekend and I was spoilt rotten.

Phe Phe.

Saturday, 24 July 2010


Scrolling through some photos whilst recovering from another chest infection(!) I came across several of Phe Phe wearing hats.  Different shapes, colours;  all, well almost all, looking fabulous.
Here are some of them for posterity
Whoops! daddy being silly!
I could get lost in this one.
This one looked better on Olli
Apparently the above is Henry Not Phe Phe!
Very sorry Henry but there's  not much of you to see is there? Bless.
( thanks for the info Emms).
Me and Henry
Umm, thanks Mum.
Love this one.
After the Christening – smiling at last.
Chilling out with my mate.
The plain white hat goes better with the pink bikini.
Looks great in this B & W photo on Nanni’s swing.

Pink & Red !!
This for a joke and posterity.

This one still fits
A great one to finish on. MY favourite.