Monday, 30 August 2010


Surprisingly sunny today although not that warm, we went to the beach hut with Nanni & Granda. The boys went off with their Dad for the day. I do miss them you know.


We got to the hut and Mummy changed me into my cossie and we went on the beach and Nanni and I made sand pies. Not very successfully I might add. She needs more practice.

I did not feel too good as this cold has got worse and I admit to feeling a bit cross so Nanni put me in my pushchair and took me for a walk. She stopped several times nattering to various friends so I gave in and went to sleep. I had nearly  2 hours and felt better for it.


beach 004

There were lots of people down the beach making the most of the weather.



Including Aunty Win who is 87 and looks younger than my Nanni ( but don’t tell her!).


My friend Henry and his Mum turned up and we all went back down to the beach.

beach 006

I had my lunch

beach 007

Henry had his and we shared an ice lolly.

Actually Henry ate most of it – he bit big lumps off! He loved it.

beach 010

Then we all went home.

Another nice day on the beach.

Phe Phe.

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