Sunday, 29 August 2010


It really was a night to remember! And it started so well.
Phoebe and Toby were staying the night so that Emma & Paul could have a night out

She arrived in her new dress from M&S and she looked fab.


I managed to get her undressed and into her jarmies without any argument, popped her in our bed where she is used to having her daytime nap, and gave her a bot bot, dummy, muzzy and her little pink dog.
“Want telly on Nanni” she demanded so I dutifully put on a recording of Night garden and knew she would be fast asleep in minutes. She was.
I crept in beside her and watched TV for a while until I felt my eyes closing, (having had a busy day for me) and I turned over, sunk my head into my cold soft feather pillow and drifted off. Heaven.
But not for long.
“NANNI, STOP THAT NOISE” was shouted in my ear. “O.K. I murmured and drifted off again.
Then I was wacked across my ear - “NANNI STOP SNORING!” she shouted.
Followed a bit later by – “ I DON’T LIKE THAT NOISE!”
By now I was wide awake and got up and made a cup of tea. Just gone midnight, I returned to bed and soon was back in dreamland.
Not for long. Yes, you guessed it, my bed fellow was again admonishing me for my snoring ( although I think of it more as heavy breathing) so I thought I would get up and sit in a chair. Not such a dreadful alternative as we have recliner chairs and they are very comfortable. However, could I sleep? Nope.
‘ Shall I swap places with Mike upstairs’ I thought.
‘Shall I carry Phe upstairs and put her in Toby’s bedroom?’
‘Shall I make her a bed up on the sofa as she was currently taking up our super king sized bed all on her own’
No, I did none of those things. I dozed on and off and eventually went back to bed about 4.20. Again she woke up every time I dozed off and she also started coughing! Wonderful, on top of no sleep I’m now going to get her cold which will probably turn into bronchitis and I will be ill again.
(Paranoid?  me? )
Finally light started showing through the curtains, I heard Mike getting up so I put him in charge and I disappeared upstairs and did not wake up until 9.45. When I came down she was asleep on the sofa, Toby was playing with his Jeep he bought yesterday and Emma was ready to take them home.
O. I forgot the other trauma ………….. I decided to give her some Calpol before I went upstairs as she seemed a bit hot.
“I’m fine Nanni, I don’t want Calpol “ says this 2 year old going on 15. “Me not hot, “ cough cough. When I appeared with the syringe she really kicked off and after displaying a great deal of patience, for me, I enlisted Mike’s help to hold her whilst I administered said medicine. Quickly giving her her dummy and tucking her back in bed she was asleep in seconds and …………………….
S N O R I N G!
These were the days ……………

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