Monday, 14 July 2014

Halloween 2012

It has been 18 months or more since I updated Phoebe's Blog mainly due to the fact that other things took over and she is no longer a Plumber's apprentice (see photos below) and she only has a part time Dad.

This was our liitle witch who went out with goulish friends to frighten the locals.

This is best friend Henry and they plan to get married.

Sunday, 23 September 2012

Phoebe The Plumber

Like father, like daughter?

phe, london lyme regis 002

phe, london lyme regis 003

She even has her own drill.

phe, london lyme regis 004

phe, london lyme regis 006

And – First Day At Big School                12 months ago.

phe, london lyme regis 129

phoebe school 010

And A Day out in Exeter

phe, london lyme regis 106

On The Quay

phe, london lyme regis 107

We went to Clip and Climb but it was full. Should have booked.

phe, london lyme regis 110

So we went in the play park after lunch

phe, london lyme regis 123

Then a walk along the river

phe, london lyme regis 108

phe, london lyme regis 124

phe, london lyme regis 109

phe, london lyme regis 114

Monday, 20 August 2012

First Trip on a Bus


There is a bus stop right outside Nanni & Grandad's new house in Teignmouth. Nanni travels for free cos she’s old and I don’t have to pay cos I’m young!

So, last week when it stopped raining we decided to take a trip into town. Very exciting.

Nanni showed me how to ask the bus to stop


Whoops. I’m losing my trousers!


Two hands are better than one.


Here it comes.


Here is a nice high seat which I can see out of. The driver got a bit cross as we did not sit down quick enough!


Cor, it goes very fast round the corners.

When we got into town Nanni took me into a shop to buy a belt to keep my trousers up. We could not see a belt but I did find a new pair of trousers which had a big flower on the belt. I tried them on  after taking my trainers off.  Nanni said to leave them on so she put my shoes back on with great difficulty. The laces were tight and it was really hard to get my foot in. Eventually did it, went to the cash desk only to be told the trousers had a security tag so they would need to come off. And the trainers!

Shoes off, trousers of, tag off, trousers back on, shoes back on, Shattered,we toddled off to the play park.

It was a very, very hot day and by the time we got to the play park I was far too tired to play. Nanni said something I did not quite hear and then said she would phone Grandad to pick us up.

Problem, she could not remember the number on her new phone at home! Eventually it came to her and we went to wait for Grandad by the light house.

Here I am in my new trousers sitting on the wall.


Here is a close up of the belt and my very pretty nails, courtesy of Liberty.


Bye for now



Sunday, 11 March 2012

A Few Birthday Pics

Phe  had a joint birthday party with best friend Susie a week before her actual birthday but unfortunately she was very poorly.

Mummy had arranged for a swimming party at the Riviera Centre followed by a birthday tea and 30 friends  of both girls were invited.

Needless to say Nanni & Grandad did not go but we turned up for tea and cake on her actual birthday when she had fully recovered.

A very low key affair ( nice and quiet) with just a few family and friends invited.

We brought a lovely modern doll called Alesha which she wanted.


She comes with many accessories to boost her wardrobe and has lovely hair which can be styled. ( Allegedly!)


However, Phoebe  was much more interested in her “laptop”  as you can see.



Sadly no more photos as the battery died! Hey Ho.

Bye bye

Wednesday, 15 February 2012


Yes, 4 years ago today this little ray of sunshine came into our lives.
She is so pretty and clever and funny and exasperating.................... compared with the boys she has certainly been a challenge. 
The saying about Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus is definitely true. Different in so many ways from Toby and Olli and yet they all go together like jelly and cream, bacon & eggs or even chocolate and wine. She is so loved by us all and the boys are going to be there for her - FOREVER. What a lucky little girl to have big brothers to vet all those future boyfriends.
I rang to wish her a happy birthday but she said to Emma - 

" I can't possibly talk to Nanni, I'm busy opening my cards!"

So, Sweetheart here is my special card for your birthday today - you can open the real one later.

Lots of Love
Nanni & Grandad.

Saturday, 14 January 2012

Photos from mummy’s Phone

emma phone pics 034

emma phone pics 007

Preston Green Summer of 2011,Great outfit.                                  Off the shoulder suits me too.



emma phone pics 030

emma phone pics 024

emma phone pics 021


Riding on my friend Suzie’s horse.

Toby came too.

emma phone pics 014




Me & Toby somewhere posh.









emma phone pics 016

Me & Henry Allen sharing a joke. Henry looks shocked!

emma phone pics 044




Me & Henry Allen being VERY Scary.









emma phone pics 040

emma phone pics 041

Me off on my broomstick

emma phone pics 047

Me as an Angel in the Nativity Play. When I was singing one of the songs for Nanni & Grandad  I sang “Inkpoo, Inkipoo..”  They said it was not right – there is no Inkipoo in the nativity story. But I got the last laugh when I finished the song – Inkipoo, Inkipoo have you any room ? See makes perfect sense! Get it?

emma phone pics 048

emma phone pics 049

Looking like a …………….LITTLE ANGEL!

Thursday, 15 December 2011

I Spoke to Father Christmas!

We all went to Nanni & Grandad’s new house in Teignmouth last night and guess what?

Mummy switched on Nanni’s laptop and this is what I saw -

Here are photos of me talking to Santa -





Can’t wait now until Christmas Day to see if my Pink scooter gets down the chimney in one piece.

We all had fish & chips tonight at Nanni and Grandad’s as we won’t be seeing them until January as they are going on a cruise.

Wish I could go but I would not want to miss my pressies. Another time perhaps.