Wednesday, 15 February 2012


Yes, 4 years ago today this little ray of sunshine came into our lives.
She is so pretty and clever and funny and exasperating.................... compared with the boys she has certainly been a challenge. 
The saying about Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus is definitely true. Different in so many ways from Toby and Olli and yet they all go together like jelly and cream, bacon & eggs or even chocolate and wine. She is so loved by us all and the boys are going to be there for her - FOREVER. What a lucky little girl to have big brothers to vet all those future boyfriends.
I rang to wish her a happy birthday but she said to Emma - 

" I can't possibly talk to Nanni, I'm busy opening my cards!"

So, Sweetheart here is my special card for your birthday today - you can open the real one later.

Lots of Love
Nanni & Grandad.

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