Sunday, 28 June 2009

What a lovely Day

Unfortunately, Nanni forgot her camera ( it’s an age thing) so no photos of the ceremony which was at St. Martins Church in Barton, Torquay

st martins

I gather it was a nice service, much quicker than mine but I slept right through it! Henry was bum shuffling up & down with excitement and managed to shift some dust whilst he was at it. He was given a lovely designer candle by the vicar as a memento -  Nanni liked that.


Do you know, I didn’t see it coming but it was obvious really – I wore my Christening dress!

IMGP0839 IMGP0846

Here I am with Grandad who is always laughing at me and with Mummy & Toby.

IMGP0853 IMGP0844

We went to the Butchers Arms at Abbotskerswell for a BBQ and the sausages were lovely – I had three.

IMGP0862 IMGP0864

Henry enjoyed a pint – or two

IMGP0870 IMGP0871

whilst his Mummy & Daddy weren’t looking.

The cake looked lovely and was made by the same lady who did mine. Very clever. In fact that is her with Henry above.

IMGP0868 IMGP0869

Finally, just a couple of pictures of the super flowers in the garden.

IMGP0866 IMGP0863

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