Thursday, 29 October 2009

Better Photos

Nanni has now uploaded some better pictures of me with bunches. She says it’s difficult to get a decent photo of me as I’m always moving. Well, there is so much to do and so much see I can’t wait around for the wrinklies.

I will start with me & Mr Piggy enjoying a quiet bottle. Hair is not in bunches but Nanni put some slides in which does keep the hair out of my eyes even if Mummy doesn’t like the look.


Here I am with Toby showing him my new boots – fab aren’t they?


Nanni says “ I could eat her”109

Piggy is really comfy but he is getting very old – look at his head.110

Perhaps it’s cos I keep kissing him & sitting on his head.129

This is the tiger they brought me back from holiday and it’s nice but I love old piggy who once belonged to my Aunty Georgina. She gave it to Olli, who gave it to Toby who gave it to me! Recycled!



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