Tuesday, 27 April 2010

What shall we do today Nanni

Yes, Tuesdays, or rather Phedays come round on a regular basis and I surprise Nanni & Granda every week. They seem surprised that I can put my socks on – by myself, and my shoes and today …………… I put my shorts on. Took awhile before I realised that  there are two separate legs to put my feet in but I did it.

Here are some photos of me putting trying to put baby’s babygrow on! Just couldn’t do it – much too small.



Granda took me up to Occombe Farm this morning and the cockerel came right up to me shouting “Cockadoodle doo” the pigs were smelly and the cows were mooing all the time, really loud.

I fell asleep coming back in the car but woke up for lunch. I was starving Nanni did salmon sandwiches and left the crusts on. Delicious, I had seconds. Then I had a yoghurt for pudding. After lunch I helped Nanni feed the fish in the ponds -









And then I got out my net and cleared some leaves


Granda came down to clean the filter – so I helped him with that and made sure he didn’t fall in.


I played quite a long time with the frog you can see below


but i dropped it outside the kitchen and it broke. Nanni just shrugged her shoulders, I think she knew it was going to get broken. Poor froggy!


It was really hot in the garden  so I lifted up my T shirt


And then I went back to cleaning up the pond. Got a bit fed up with Nanni either holding my top or saying – “ not near the edge” etc but it was good fun. We found loads of treasure too ( little glass beads mixed in with the pebbles. Maybe we are rich now?


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  1. Hope Nanni is going to buy you another frog, keep on at her and it won't take long!
    They can't expect you to keep working for nothing!
    Jen xx