Monday, 25 January 2010

Tuesday is Oldies Day

Yes, Tuesday is the day  I go to Nanni & Granda’s whilst Mummy goes to work. I normally have a great time as I get their undivided attention and get thoroughly spoilt.

However, today, I was not at my best. That awful cough and cold kept me awake most of last night and I was very tired. I told Nanni that, soon after I arrived so she tucked me up in her bed ( feather mattress and pillows and all ) and gave me my muzzy, a bot bot and piggy to cuddle. I went out like a light for nearly two hours and felt much better when I woke up.

I sat in the kitchen on the worktop and ate all my breakfast followed by some grapes and apple.


Smelling Nanni’s spring flowers.




After lunch of corned beef and quavers (!) I went back to bed and had another bot bot & slept for over an hour.

Woke up feeling quite happy although coughing like mad and soon got fed up playing with my dolls.

Nanni put me on the worktop by the sink to watch the birds and then she gave me some glass buttons to play with.

Look -


Note, she’s done my hair AND put in a slide!

021 018

Umm, quite good fun but I’m glad Toby arrived so that I could help him play on the computer!!!!!!

Phe Phe.

Sunday, 3 January 2010


Nanni has finally uploaded some photos so I can show you some of the presents I had.

To be honest I’m not sure what it’s all about; the boys woke up really early on Christmas morning and when we went in the lounge there were all these funny shaped parcels wrapped in coloured paper. Seemed a bit daft to me cos as soon as they saw them they ripped off the paper. S ’pose I will understand one day.

There were lots and lots of parcels for me and Mummy & Daddy helped me unwrap them. Some pretty cool toys there were and I didn’t know what to play with first. There were also some new books which made funny noises and had different pictures in them. I will look forward to reading them later with Granda or Nanni.

Then we went to Nanni & Granda’s for dinner and guess what? More parcels in huge bags.


Mine had a big rabbit on the front and the boys had Father Christmas.


There was a pink unicorn sticking out of the top but there was also this enormous pink parcel sitting in the middle of the sitting room.


What could it be?


Only a dolls cot! One that was made for my mummy 36 years ago. Granda got it out of the loft and renovated it just for me.


It rocks and everything.


Guess what I found inside?


A new Dolly called Maisie. See how her outfit matches mine?

Spooky eh?

Phe Phe.