Friday, 11 February 2011

Happy Birthday 3 on Tuesday

Where have those three years gone? This beautiful bundle of bubbliness will be three on Tuesday. It seems like she was only born a few months ago and we were so delighted that, at last, Emma got her pink bundle.

Here she is in her birth day held proudly by big brother Oli


And by big brother Toby -


They both adored her then and still do. Woe betide anyone who treats her bad as she gets older.

Her first birthday was exciting although she was rather poorly.


You can see she is not well, bless her but she soldiered on.

Second birthday  she had to be groomed which meant having her hair done. Ouch!


It nearly ended in tears on the naughty step with Henry!


Now we are looking forward to birthday number three. She is having a joint party at the Rainbow Funhouse with two friends from nursery and I expect it will be chaotic. I’m just glad that Nanni will not be involved.

This was to be her birthday card -


But she just LOVES Peppa Pig so this is the one I will send -


Happy Birthday to Our Beautiful Grand Daughter and many many more to come,

Nanni & Granda.

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