Friday, 16 September 2011

First Day At Sherwell Valley School

13th September 2011 – my first day at my “ proper” school although only in the Nursery.

I got to wear my uniform, a grey pinafore dress over a white shirt and smart black shoes with straps.

Grandad came to collect me and Nanni was waiting at the front door with her camera ( as usual).

phoebe school 008

Here I am determined to beat Grandad to the door.

phoebe school 009

Coat’s coming off and I’m nearly there

phoebe school 010

Shame about the stain on my dress. Where did that come from?

phoebe school 012

Cardigan’s gone too and I suppose I might as well change.

phoebe school 014

Great to get my shoes off, I’m going upstairs now for a little rest. Byee.

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