Saturday, 23 April 2011

It’s Half-term & It’s Phoebeday


So there are two bags in the hall along with a snazzy skateboard. Toby has come too.

Phoebe has come in matching clothes


There’s a spotty theme going on!

Granda took Toby and Phe to the local park but they weren’t gone long – Toby came off the ramp and landed, none too gently, on his knee!

Earlier in the week we had been to the beach hut, another lovely sunny day but such a cold east wind – everyone was wrapped up.




Toby is making some thing – as usual and Phe is eating something – as usual. Fish and chips by the look of it.017

Toby had caught some crabs, the strangest crabs any of us had ever seen……………..


Can you see the long spider like legs and the twin antennae ?


Wonderful Google identifies it

Masked Crab - Corystes cassivelaunus

The Masked Crab, Corystes cassivelaunus, is widespread around the UK on sand. It is not often seen by divers as it spends daylight hours under the sand with its antennae just emerging. It uses these to channel water down its gills and emerges at night to feed. The body is quite small, maybe about 4cms across but with disproportionately large claws

The masked crab is particularly distinctive, as it possesses long hairy antennae. It has an elongated shell about an inch long. The carapace has two short sharp projections on either side of the eyes. The front limbs with the pincers are longer than its body, this is even more pronounced with the males.

Shell of a masked crab, the dimensions of the antenna represented by the dotted lines.

This is a common crab but is rarely seen as it burrows in sand on the lower shore tide mark. The antenna is used as a tube to feed sea water to its gills and allows the crab’s body to be completely buried, with only the tip of the antenna above the sand. If one digs out a masked crab and then places it back on the sand, the crab will rebury, doing so while standing erect.

Finally, today – 23/04/2011 I  had my hair cut!


What do you think?

Phe Phe.

Friday, 15 April 2011

I Am My Own Little Person


The start of another wonderful Phobeday ( Tuesday)

Here  I am wearing a very pretty pink  gingham dress and my favourite ladybird hat.


Just a great outfit don’t you think? Whoever said red and pink don’t go? Here I am on the back porch where Granda is painting.


Can you believe he puts down dust sheets outside. Nanni cannot grumble about that!


Here I am after enjoying a Magnum. Yum Yum.


This pretty little tortoiseshell cat visits Nanni on a daily basis. She is very old – 21 and very thin with a badly matted coat. Such a sad sight but Nanni saves her some choice pieces of chicken or fish to keep her happy.


After lunch we went to Goodrington and I gave this lovely bear a hug.


Then we saw a couple of donkeys who also got a kiss.


Tried this one for size but it was very slow.


More fun on the slide


And just people watching. Amazing what some kids get up to. Mummy wants to point out that I have some very pretty pink sandals but i just love my clogs. So there!


Phe Phe.