Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Oldies Tuesday

I arrived in my pyjamas this morning as Mummy was running late.She blamed me for keeping them awake nearly all night but I don’t feel too tired.

IMGP0908 IMGP0911

I had to fight Toby for the stool – he seems to think it is his.

It was none too warm today so Nanni changed me into a babygrow! I wasn’t very happy as they are for babies but it was nice & warm.IMGP0912

here I am watching the Night Garden sitting on my duvet bed.

I had a nice nap in my pushchair and then, after lunch of garlic sausage and quavers and apple I had a bath in the sink

IMGP0917 IMGP0919

It fits just right.

Another change of clothes as Mummy will be here soon to pick me up

IMGP0926 .IMGP0928

Just time for some more drawing

Take baby for walk



And  a few photos to show you how messy their house is – so untidy. Tut tut.

IMGP0923 IMGP0922 IMGP0921

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