Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Tuesday is Oldies Day

Yes, every Tuesday I go to Nanni’s & Grandad’s and Toby comes too as he has to go to school later.

He loves his breakfast – here he is eating beans and egg sitting on MY stool!


And here I am eating my beans – yummy.

IMGP0885 IMGP0892

I love having a nap on the soft squashy duvet but today I had a biscuitIMGP0894 and then I read for a bit

IMGP0898 Nanni wanted to read too so I gave her my book

IMGP0900 but I started to get really sleepy

IMGP0902So I went for a nap in my pushchair


Nanni said something about “ peace perfect peace” not sure what that means.

Before I go though you might like to see my shoes and favourite wellies – cool aren’t they?


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