Wednesday, 26 August 2009


I recently discovered these photos on another camera and they are so lovely I have to show them to you.

They were taken in June when we visited a friend over from Australia with her daughter Amelia.

005 Shall I, shan’t I?

006 No, this is the right way!

010 I just love anything PINK

013 And orange

015 Let me show you 'cos I’m older!

017 Aunty Lynne to the rescue

Just got to show you the embroidery on my dress which Nanni got from NEXT – so pretty with matching pants. A bit like an Indian outfit.


My hair has grown  a lot since June

here is a photo taken this month


could do with a blow dry.

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  1. What a gorgeous outfit, nearly as gorgeous as the pretty little girl wearing it. As always lovely photos. Jen x